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Acu Trigger Point Seminars

Trigger Point Acupuncture: Treating Pain Effectively

Janet Humphrey, MS, L.Ac. (NCCAOM Dipl AC, CH)

Danielle Mastrogiovanni, DAOM, L.Ac. (NCCAOM Dipl AC, CH)

Pain is one of the main reasons why people seek acupuncture treatment, yet many acupuncturists find they are unable to relieve it effectively. With the right techniques, acupuncture can provide significant pain relief and can often completely resolve the pain syndrome very rapidly.

What is often called “Dry Needling” is acupuncture removed from the context of Chinese Medicine, with physical therapists taking over the field. This course puts “Dry Needling” back where it belongs: in the hands of acupuncturists. In this course, designed for all levels, we will cover a range of key muscle groups related to many common pain syndromes so that you can implement your new skills right away.

This course positions you to enhance your practice success while positioning you as the go-to expert in pain relief. You will learn specific trigger point needling skills for safe and highly effective relief of pain syndromes, injuries, repetitive strain, pre- and post-surgical pain, as well as many internal disorders, all in the context of Chinese Medicine.

You will learn to identify key musculature through palpation, gaining an understanding of their locations, attachments, and related pain syndromes. Methods for differential diagnosis and identifying the sources of pain prior to and during treatment will be explained. You will learn how to locate key trigger points and how to effectively release them using trigger point needling technique. 

Key conditions include: Sciatica, Back and Hip Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Tennis Elbow, Plantar Fasciitis, Sports Injuries, Repetitive Strain Injuries, and more.

Presented by: Acu Trigger Point Seminars

15 PDA Points (NCCAOM)

15 CEUs (Florida)

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