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Breathwork Healing


Free Yourself!

Do you feel stuck anywhere in your life? Do you want to make more room for love and joy? Are you looking to improve your personal or work relationships? To heal your loss and grief? Recover from chronic illness and reclaim your energy and power?

Breathwork Healing is an active meditation that calms the mind, activates your self-love and moves stuck energy – in your body, mind, emotions, and anywhere in your life. It is not a belief system but simply an experience that is available to everyone for healing.

Whether in private sessions or in group workshops, you will have an opportunity to set an intention for clearing and healing each time.

In a private session you will lie comfortably on a treatment table as we work. I will guide and assist you in a simple breathing technique and facilitate the healing process as it unfolds. Private sessions are 60 – 75 minutes in length, including consultation regarding your intentions for healing, facilitated active breathing, and a resting assimilation time. The session utilizes music, healing oils, and other tools to support your experience and to help you move energy and strongly connect with your own spirit, your inner healer. We will focus on any areas where you would like healing in your life. 

Semi-private sessions are offered to couples working on fertility or any two people working on a relationship together.

Group Breathwork Healing workshops are facilitated in the same manner as private sessions, with participants lying comfortably on the floor after setting one’s own intention for the healing breathwork. The session may sometimes focus on a shared healing intention such as:

  • Healing Chronic Pain or Past Trauma
  • Relieving Stress, Fatigue, Anxiety, or Depression
  • Enhancing Creativity & Self-Expression
  • Resolving Fertility Issues
  • Healing Your Relationships
  • Manifesting Your Intentions
  • Transcending Loneliness
  • Working With Grief

Elegantly simple, yet powerful; Breathwork Healing is the primary practice that I use on a daily basis in my own life for healing at all levels and to create a happy and fulfilling life.

“The time for healing old patterns and stuck energy is now. 

Self-love is waiting to be discovered and awakened within. It’s the key to healing.” 

– David Elliott

I am skilled in Holistic Medicine and well-versed in Conventional Medicine approaches.

In working with you, I will help you to navigate your overall care. 

I treat the whole person and not only the parts.

I take the time to really listen to your health concerns and provide you with honest answers and natural solutions. 

  • Would you prefer to find natural solutions to your health problems and avoid pharmaceutical medications and surgery whenever possible?
  • Do you want to optimize your health on every level – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – and to do it in an integrated manner?
  • Are you suffering with acute or chronic pain, or sports injuries, looking for natural and effective pain relief?
  • Are you struggling with infertility and looking for a natural way to get achieve a healthy pregnancy, or to support you as you go through assisted reproductive technology (ART)?
  • Perhaps you have seen many doctors without answers or solutions and don’t know where to turn for help.
  • You may be suffering from increasing pain or injury, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety – or you just don’t feel your best – and you are seeking natural solutions.
  • Maybe you feel stuck in your life in some way and don’t know where to turn.


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