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Breathwork Healing Groups

Breathwork Healing Groups are facilitated in the same manner as private sessions, with participants lying comfortably on the floor after setting one’s own intention for the healing breathwork.

Each group is 90 minutes in length. Participants are advised to bring a yoga mat or blanket and a shawl or sweater, and some water for your comfort during Breathwork.


Breathwork group sessions are $35 and are non-refundable once you register so please be sure you are able to make it before you sign up!


Online breathwork sessions are live and you will also receive a Zoom recording after the event in case you are not able to attend.


The session may sometimes focus on a shared healing intention such as:

  • Healing Chronic Pain or Past Trauma
  • Relieving Stress, Fatigue, Anxiety, or Depression
  • Enhancing Creativity & Self-Expression
  • Resolving Fertility Issues
  • Healing Your Relationships
  • Manifesting Your Intentions
  • Transcending Loneliness
  • Working With Grief

The energy of the group creates a unique and powerful experience.

Join A Group Breathwork Session

Group breathwork dates are listed as they are added, so check back regularly, or join the email list to be notified of upcoming workshops.



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Here is a Spotify link to our two playlists::

Playlist #1:

Playlist #2:

The Breathwork method that I facilitate comes from the work of David Elliott, with whom I have trained. You can search online for his website and on Spotify for his free guided breathwork recordings. He offers others for download on his website.

One thing I want to point out is that David’s recordings are different from our experience on the cruise in that he doesn’t use playlists in this context. The playlists are generally only used when sessions are done live (or by Zoom), with individuals or groups.

The value of David’s recordings is that you can follow along with his breathing instructions and some of his healing affirmations as well. These recordings are a great way to bring Breathwork meditation into your daily life as a healing practice – starting with one as short as 7 minutes!

In my own practice I facilitate private and group sessions – in-person and via Zoom. If you sign up for a Zoom session you will also get the recording afterwards, so you need not be present in real time to experience it, in case it doesn’t fit your schedule.

If you’d like to join my mailing list to be notified of events, just hit “Request an Appointment” and enter “add to mailing list” in the subject line. (Website updates are underway so this is the best method right now!)

The Essential Oil blends that we used are formulated by David Elliott and they are very pure, and designed to help open the chakras and your energy flow. Alll the component oils are listed on his site and you can order them there.

It was such a pleasure to spend time with you on our cruise! Please be in touch via the contact form on this website if you have any questions. My personal contacts aren’t listed here to avoid spam but once we connect I will provide them, as I do with my friends and clients as well.


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