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Individual Health Consulting – Telehealth

Janet Humphrey Telehealth

Telehealth sessions are provided using traditional diagnostic methods, and asking you detailed questions about signs and symptoms that you are experiencing. Your telehealth session includes guided self-treatment tools, personalized herbal medicine formulas, as well as dietary and nutritional recommendations.

I will guide you in self-treatment using acupressure points, breathing, meditation, and traditional exercises. I will recommend nutritional therapies, herbal medicine, and self-care practices for you to do on your own.

Just as with in-person treatment, the goal is to shift your energy and improve your health in real time so that you feel better right away. You’ll also have a program to follow with self-care instructions and systems to use that will work with your lifestyle.

After each session, we’ll schedule a follow-up to assess your progress and modify your treatment plan as needed.

I work with you in every session to help you find your most balanced, healthy and centered sense of well-being. My goal in every session is that you leave with a greater sense of wellness, lightness, freedom, power, relaxation and health.

Your individualized session will address your particular health needs and provide you with guidance on how to meet those needs. This will include hearing from you about your current health concerns - physical, mental, and emotional - including your stressors and anxieties. I will provide you with:

Telehealth sessions are conducted via video-conferencing

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